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Community Conversation: DIPP Updates and Visioning

When: Monday, August 12, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Where: Deal Island Fire Hall

What will we discuss? 

  • Updates on the Deal Island Shoreline Restoration Project and associated monitoring (Nicole Carlozo, Maryland DNR and Becky Swerida, Maryland DNR)

  • County Ditch Maintenance Efforts: 

    • Update on Somerset County's Drainage Ditch Assessment in Oriole and Dames Quarter (Kristen Tremblay, Assistant Director of Somerset County's Department of Technical and Community Services)

    • Update on Somerset County's ditch maintenance on the Deal Island Peninsula (Charles Cavanaugh, Director of Somerset County's Solid Waste, Drainage, and Maintenance Departments)

  • Strategizing DIPP's future (Liz Van Dolah, DIPP Coordinator)


Light refreshments will be provided!
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