Below are a number of reports, website links, and other sources with useful tools and information about climate change impacts, risk reduction, and the communities and environment of the Deal Island Peninsula.


Additional resources that have been published through the Project can be found under our news and publications tab. These include research findings, recommendations, and progress reports. You can also obtain information about ongoing adaptation planning efforts and progress to date through our community discussion forum. Join the conversation to contribute your thoughts and ideas! 

Flooding Risks and Ditch Conditions 

Do you have phragmites overtaking sections of your property or your ditches? Visit this page for guidance on how to best manage them. 

Do the ditches on your property need maintenance?  Check out this document for information on how to maintain the ditches on your property & contact information for who to call within the Somerset County Dept of Public Works.  

Explore photos taken from around the Deal Island Peninsula of tidal ditches and flooded roadways. Share additional photos and help us build the case for future assistance!

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Understanding Climate Change & Its Impacts

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Additional Mapping Tools and Guidance for Decision-Making

MD-DNR and the Eastern Shore GIS Cooperative, 2016


This flood vulnerability mapping tool was developed for the DIPP as part of the Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment, carried out from 2016-2018 on the Deal Island Peninsula. Examine varying flood projections at parcel-level scales and under different scenarios from now through 2050. 

Merlin online is an interactive mapping tool developed by Maryland DNR.  Merlin provides access to spatial data allowing users to create custom maps of any location in Maryland.  Users can choose base maps as well as data layers.

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources is an online mapping and planning tool that allows state and local decision-makers to visually analyze and explore data for coastal and ocean planning activities.

First Street Foundation, 2019


Visit this new flood risk tool to better understand flood risks to your property and property value. 

Access a range of information and training resources for taking action to address coastal hazards and risks. 

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Flooding Risks and Ditch Conditions in the Deal Island Peninsula
Shoreline Erosion 

Looking for landscaping tips to help reduce erosion on your property? Explore these conceptual plans developed for both hardened and natural shorelines. Be sure to explore the plant guides below for plants that work well in areas prone to salt spray or in marshlands. 

The Wetlands Mapper provides a tool to identify where on your property different types of wetlands may be located in order to then help you determine which types of wetland plants would be best to plant there to address erosion or sitting water issues. 

Guide for identifying plants that grow well in the Deal Island Peninsula area, and that can help reduce shoreline erosion issues. 

​Explore photos taken from around the Deal Island Peninsula of shoreline erosion problem areas. Share additional photos and help us build the case for future assistance!

Habitat Restoration and Conservation

MD Department of Natural Resources webpage dedicated to providing information about habitat restoration and conservation. Information about living shorelines can be found here.

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Deal Island Peninsula History and Culture

Julia Keane (2016)

Explore photos of the Deal Island Peninsula community dynamics. Photos were taken by photographer, Julia Keane, during the Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment.

A.M. Foley & P. Smith Rue (2015)


In this book, authors Ann M. Foley and P. Smith Rue highlight the history and culture of the people who once inhabited nearby Hollands Island, one of 13 islands swallowed by the rising Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about this and other books by Ms. Foley on her website.

William Wheatley (2014)

This history of the Deal Island Area has been generously shared by William Wheatley. Mr. Wheatley wrote this piece about 15 years ago with assistance from some other commuity members. Please credit him with any citations. 

Greg Stiverson, Assistant State Archivist (April 30, 1977)

Published by J. Frank Lewis & Co. of Baltimore


Access historic records of Somerset County and the Deal Island Peninsula area though the Maryland Directory from the late 19th century. Information accessible here includes family names, occupations, price of land and expected crop yields, and descriptions of the communities of the Deal Island area and other establishments around Somerset County. Visit the website's link to Somerset County to learn more. 

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