Deal Island Shoreline Project 


The shoreline adjacent to Crowell Road in the area known as Hunt's Hill has been rapidly eroding since the 1970's with dramatic changes to the shoreline and the dunes that were once there.  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources in partnership with Somerset County, the private landowner, and members of the Deal Island Peninsula Partnership are moving forward through the Maryland Coastal Resiliency Grant Program to design and construct a shoreline project that will increase resilience of the Deal lsland community and habitats to coastal storms, flooding, erosion and sea-level rise.  The project will be designed to mimic the adjacent dune structure and likely will include a combination of headland and submerged breakwaters, enhancement to the adjacent marsh corridor and removal of invasive species.   

The shoreline in 1991, with large dunes visible in the background.

Project Timeline
Who do I contact for more information? 


Nicole Carlozo, MD-DNR

Deal Island Shoreline Project Manager

Updated July 2019

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