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Deal Island Peninsula Flood Vulnerability 2015-2050

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative created a tool to better understand and visualize current and future flood risk for the Deal Island Peninsula.  Through GIS maps you can explore the potential flood impacts to roadways, primary structures and individual properties from storm events and how that may change overtime with projected sea level rise. 

Viewing the Flood Vulnerability Index and Maps


Step 1: GET STARTED:  Follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to navigate the Flood Vulnerability Index Maps.  The guide walks you through different flood scenarios and gets you ready to navigate the interactive Flood Risk Maps.  We highly encourage you to not skip this step.  Once complete you will be ready to use the interactive maps in Step 2. 




Step 2: Interactive Flood Vulnerability Risk Maps:  The Risk Maps are interactive maps that you can turn on/off different information layers to show flood risk now and into the future.  It takes some time to get familiar with the available information and what it shows.  The "About" section or the brown "i" icon gives instructions for how to use the maps.  Once you've completed the Flood Scenario Guide, you will be able to better navigate the full set of maps to explore specific locations and flood scenarios. Questions? Contact: Christine Burns


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