Reports and Tools

Below is a list of reports and tools published on project activities and research. These include summary reports to funding agencies and partners on research findings and next steps, summaries of student research projects, and tools and handouts produced from DIPP research and collaborative initiatives.

Elizabeth Van Dolah, DIPP Coordinator (November 2019)

This guide summarizes DIPP's approach to Collaborative Learning and provides tips for how to implement similar collaborative approaches in other projects. 

Christine Miller Hesed, Elizabeth Van Dolah, Michael Paolisso (Conference Poster, Marsh Resilience Summit, 2019)

This handout summarizes key findings on the benefits and challenges of applying a collaborative learning approach to engage rural faith-based communities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. These results are from DIPP's Engaging Faith for Coastal Resilience Project

A Cultural History of the Deal Island Peninsula Salt Marshes

Alex Sahi, Masters of Applied Anthropology Graduate (June 2019)

Alex Sahi, a Masters of Applied Anthropology graduate at the University of Maryland completed a research project on the cultural history of the Deal Island Peninsula's salt marshes. The research was conducted as part of his masters program internship requirements. It examines the different values and associations of marsh end-users -- both local and non-local -- and how they have shaped the history of marsh management. This research was carried out through an analysis of archival records during the summer of 2018, which helped frame the 11 interviews he conducted during the fall to collect insights from DIPP stakeholders. A brief history of salt marsh uses and management was written this spring as culmination of his internship project. Alex hopes that this research will inspire future understandings about the cultural history of salt marshes, how they have changed, and how they have become an integral part of Deal Island identity. 

The history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland consisted of long-standing interactions between Native Americans, African Americans, and Europeans. While historical disputes over resources resulted in centuries of strife for some groups, these resources also launched this region of Maryland into the greater national economy. A broad look into the history of the Eastern Shore can help frame how black Americans experienced life in Somerset County. Today, the Deal Island Peninsula in Somerset County hosts buildings that continue to represent the manifestations of these histories.

Photo essay developed by UMD student and photographer, Julia Keane and shared at the 2016 Skipjack Race and Labor Day Festival. These photos were taken as part of the Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment Focus Area documentation during June - September 2016. 

Executive Summary (August 2015)

The executive summary outlines key findings and issues from the Science Collaborative research project from a report submitted to NOAA in August 2015. For a copy of the full report, please email

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