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Deal Island Peninsula Open Ditch Drainage Assessment 


Tidal ditch overflow is a primary concern for a number of residents on the Deal Island Peninsula, many who are increasingly affected by associated roadway and property flooding. In 2019, Somerset County contracted with AMT Engineering of Rockville, Maryland to carry out the Deal Island Open Ditch Drainage Assessment using a $75,000 grant procured through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Green Infrastructure Resilience Grant Program. The assessment will examine roadside and non-roadside ditches in the Dames Quarter and Oriole/Champ areas, two areas identified through DIPP’s Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment as most vulnerable to tidal ditch flooding. Surveys of site areas will be carried out through ground-level and drone assessments to document the conditions of the drainage systems, and to assess, identify, and prioritize drainage deficiencies. AMT will also develop an implementation plan to address deficiency for the County’s considerations, as well as budget recommendations for high- to low-priority improvements. The resulting report, which will be delivered to the County at the end of 2019, will guide Somerset County’s implementation plan for ditch maintenance in Oriole and Dames Quarter and will be used to apply for additional implementation support to address priority drainage needs. 

Project Timeline: 

June 2019:

  • Kick-off meeting at Somerset County Planning Offices

Summer 2019:

  • On-site assessment and survey

  • Categorize deficiencies 

Fall 2019: 

  • Implementation plan drafted

  • Review meeting

December 2019:

  • Final submittal to County

  • Community Conversation to Discuss Preliminary Findings and Recommendations

Preliminary Findings and Recommendations 

January 2020

  • County Discussions about Next Steps

How can I get involved? 


  • Help us document ditch flooding issues. Send us your photos of flooded ditches with the date, time of day, location (include nearest address), weather conditions (rain or no rain?), and roadway conditions (dry or flooded?). Email them to See our existing photo documentation   here

Assessment Focus Areas

​AMT has selected focus areas based on findings from the Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment and discussions with the County and select community members. The focus areas include sections of Dames Quarter and Oriole/Champ, as show below. 

Ditch Assessment Focus Areas
Dames Quarter Focus Area
Oriole Focus Area

Updated July 2019

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