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Deal Island Marsh & Community Project  June 2013, Volume 1


Project Overview

The University of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maryland (CBNERR-MD) have partnered with the Deal Island Peninsula communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations at local, state, and regional levels, decision-makers, managers, and scientists to increase resilience of coastal marshes and communities in the face of change.  Together, the stakeholders will work to build resilience in the face of coastal flooding, erosion, sea-level rise, and other changes. The ecological science will focus on compiling information on the restoration of ditch-drained marshes that can be utilized to increase the resilience of the marshes. The social science will focus on better understanding how local communities perceive, use, and make decisions regarding their environment. The goal of the project is to work together collaboratively to ensure that many perspectives are shared so that common goals are reached.

Team Updates

Ecological Team

​​The field work season is well underway! The research team has been busy measuring and collecting data in the marsh.  We are sampling mosquitoes, collecting soils, checking water levels, surveying the marsh, and measuring the marsh surface to track elevation gains or loses. There is still much to be done and the research team welcomes anyone wishing to learn more about ecological research to join us!   Feel free to contact Diane Leason ( or 410-260-8801) if you want to lend a hand.

Collaborative Learning Science Team

The first workshop was held in April, and thanks to all of you it was a big success!  Everyone was engaged and lots of important issues were raised that warrant further investigation and work. We very much appreciate the time and input that each of you gave.

Collaborative Research Project (CRP)

The CRP Kick Off meeting is being planned and groups are forming.  Based on the results of the first workshop and additional discussions with stakeholders, we have selected Heritage, Flooding, and Marsh Restoration as the three topics for the Collaborative Research Projects.  Don't forget to sign up for the Collaborative Research Project that most interests you!  

Pati Delgado Leaves DNR

Pati Delgado, currently working as the Research Coordinator of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), recently accepted a new position as Director of the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in Anne Arundel County. Pati has truly enjoyed working in this project and with all the people involved, and although she will be starting her new position by the end of June, she plans to continue her involvement with the project!

Upcoming Events


  • Collaborative Research Project (CRP) Kickoff Meeting

  • Elevation data collection

  • Volunteers Welcome!

August - September

  • Skipjack Heritage Festival 8/31 - 9/2


  • 2nd Stakeholder Workshop

Natasha Leuchanka, a native of Belarus, came to

the U.S. approximately twelve years ago. Natasha

received a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental

Science in 2011 and is working towards a Master’s

of Science degree in Natural Resources in the

Training in Integration of Decision-Making and

Ecosystem Science (TIDES) program at the University

of New Hampshire.


Natasha’s involvement in the project will consist of assisting with collaborative learning activities, support with socio-economic research, documenting the Deal Island Peninsula shoreline changes, supporting science communication and outreach, and several other activities.
She is thankful for having this opportunity and is looking forward to meeting everyone involved. Natasha will be reporting on her internship work on a blog that she writes with her fellow TIDES classmates:

Welcome Natasha!

Team Member Highlights

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