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The Deal Island Marsh & Community Project 

Published Research Findings

Paolisso, M., Prell, C., Johnson, K. Needelman, B., Khan, I. Hubacek, K. 2019. Enhancing socio-ecological resilience in coastal regions through collaborative science, knowledge exchange and social networks: a case study of the Deal Island Peninsula, USA. Socio-ecological Practice Research: 1-15. 

Johnson, K., Feurt, C., Paolisso, M. 2018. Collaborative Science and Learning as Tools for Climate Change Adaptation PlanningThe International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses. 10(1): 59-75. 

Wainger, L., McMurray, A., Paolisso, M., Johnson, K., Needelman, B. Coastal Community Values for Marsh-Dependent Socioecological Services Revealed through a Systematic Qualitative Approach. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 46(2): 338-364.

Johnson, K., Needelman, B., Paolisso, M. "Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change in a Rural Coastal Community." In Responses to Disasters and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Fostering Resilience, M. Companion and M. Chiaken, eds. Pp. 5-14. CRC Press.

Johnson, K. 2016. Resilience to Climate Change: An Ethnographic Approach. PhD diss., University of Maryland College Park. 

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