December Community Gatherings: Getting to Know the ICRA Focus Areas


Please join us for our our upcoming gatherings in December to start exploring some of the issues and concerns impacting the selected ICRA focus areas! These include:

  1. Wenona Harbor, Deal Island Harbor and Scotts Cove Marina (including the Firehouse)

  2. The shoreline between Crowell Rd. and Hunts Hill on Deal Island

  3. Dames Quarter

  4. Oriole

Why should I get involved? 

We need participation and input from anyone who has knowledge about these areas

and/or concerns about flooding, erosion, and other changes impacting these areas!  This

is a great opportunity to help shape planning efforts to reduce impacts to places important to you.  We encourage anyone who is interested to get involved. 

What will we be doing at these gatherings? 

The December gatherings are the first of three gatherings of Focus Area workgroups,

which will include residents, planners and scientists. Each workgroup

will focus on one of the four focus areas to develop plans to address flooding, erosion,

and other concerns, and enhance the resilience of these areas to future changes. 

What will we be doing at the December gatherings? 

We have scheduled four 2-hour meetings to convene a group of interested individuals to talk about each focus area. At these meetings we will: 1) form a workgroup to lead the focus area planning, 2) share some baseline information that we've collected on each focus area about flooding, erosion, and other concerns, and 3) target vulnerable areas in each focus area for future activities and discussions.

What about future gatherings?  Do I need to be a part of those too? 

We hope you will! In December, each workgroup will also organize and schedule a group field trip in January to further assess areas of concern in each focus area. These assessments will be used to guide group discussions in the spring to identify and prioritize a set of strategies to reduce vulnerabilities. To identify strategies, each workgroup will learn about the range of options that are available to address these concerns, and decide which of these options would be best to implemented in their focus area. An example of a strategy that we're already pursuing in Focus Area 1 is funding to support a living shoreline project to help reduce shoreline erosion and potential flooding impacts to inland areas of Deal Island (see photo above). 

December Focus Area Meeting Schedule:

December 3rd: 

Dames Quarter Focus area (Focus Area 3) - 9:30-11:30am

Oriole Focus Area (Focus Area 4) - 1:00-3:00pm

Location: St. Paul's Church Hall (Wenona)

December 10th:

Wenona and Deal Island Harbors (Focus Area 1) - 9:30-11:30am

Tangier Sound Shoreline & marsh interior- Deal Island (Focus Area 2) - 1:00-3:00pm

Location:  Deal Island-Chance Volunteer Fire Department (Deal Island)

Let us know if you can attend! 








If you are interested in receiving updates about these events and additional details, please email us or call us. Email:; Phone: 240-351-3478 (Jo Johnson). 

Shoreline in Focus Area Two, and a great example of areas to target in developing strategy options to reducing vulnerabilities in the Deal Island area. 

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