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The Harbors Focus Area includes Wenona Harbor and the Deal Island Harbor. The Deal Island Harbor area extends from Scott's Cove Marina southward to the Deal Island - Chance Fire Hall, and eastward to the Windsor Marina next to the Deal Island Bridge. The Wenona Harbor area extends to St. Paul's United Methodist Church and just north of Manokin Trail. 

Description and Uses:

The focus area is primarily commercial properties with interspersed residential areas. Many of the key structures supporting local watermen and boating industries are located here, including marinas, public wharfs and boat ramps, commercial harbors, marina supplies and bait shops, boat repair facilities, a seafood distribution center, and numerous crab shanties and charter boat businesses. 

Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment


The Deal Island Harbor area is home to Scott’s Cove Marina, the largest marina in the Deal Island Peninsula area. It provides dry docking services, a marina supplies shop, and the primary boat repair facility in the area. Accessible from the old Phillip's property at Deal Island Harbor is a public beach and the grounds of the annual Skipjack Race and Festival.

Also located here is a Maryland DNR oyster facility, Island Seafoods, a seafood processing facility, and several watermen shanties. Winner Harbor is where most of the charter boat businesses are located. It has renovated county wharf, which provides boat slips, primarily used by commercial watermen, and space for offloading daily catch for export. It is also home to Arby's, one of two restaurants/general stories still serving the community and two churches: St. Paul's United Methodist Church and Faith Independent. Residential properties in both harbor areas include a number of hardened and natural shoreline properties. 

Important Historical/Heritage Features:

Located off the mainland from Wenona Harbor is Little Deal Island, once the residence of Joshua Thomas, the celebrated “Parsons of the Islands” who brought Methodism to the area in the 19th century. Wenona Harbor is also the site of annual camp meetings hosted outside of St. Paul’s UMC. These events are revivals of camp meetings led by Joshua Thomas, and bring the communities together in celebration of the area’s rich Methodist heritage. The harbors were once bustling community centers. Deal Island Harbor used to have a hotel and steamboat wharf, both which were destroyed during the Storm of ‘33, as well as a restaurant and numerous general stores. Wenona Harbor had a number of general stores as well, including a well-known skipjack sail maker’s shop. Both harbors are remembered for the lines of skipjacks that used to moor there. The annual Skipjack Race and Festival, held Labor Day weekend at Deal Island Harbor, is an important community heritage event that brings these celebrated dredge boats back to the Deal Island Peninsula area each year. The races first started in the 1920s, and were revitalized in the 1950s, continuing through to today. 


We do not have specific demographic information localized for the Harbor areas. Please see the Deal Island focus area sheet for information related to Deal Island’s population.


Information from Risk Assessment Worksheets:

No risk assessment worksheets completed for the Harbors.


Targeted Areas of Vulnerability:

Wenona Harbor:  Shoreline erosion on Little Deal Island poses concerns for the harbor area, which causes the harbor to silt in, threatening the commercial vitality of the harbor area. Little Deal erosion also leaves the Harbor area prone to greater storm impacts due to decreased protection. Roadway flooding, particularly between the condos and harbor area, is also a concern. Some flooding vulnerabilities, however, have been addressed with installation of a food gate and other infrastructural improvements made by the County within the last decade. Flooding does occur during high water events due to water coming up the storm water grates in the harbor parking lot. This in turn can impact the ditches across from Arby's General Story, causing them to overtop and flood the road. 


Haines Point Shoreline at Harrison Point Road:  The unmaintained natural shoreline area between Tangier Sound and Haines Pond at the end of Harrison Point Rd. has eroded significantly since Hurricane Sandy, and is beginning to compromise neighboring properties, which are ripped or bulkheaded. If allowed to persist, erosion could breach Haines Pond, exposing additional properties near Scott's Cove Marina to flooding, erosion, and storm vulnerabilities. 

Select photos of the focus area:

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Wenona Harbor and Deal
Island Harbor


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