About: Join us for a discussion about how to get involved in adaptation planning activities taking place in four focus areas around the Deal Island Peninsula.


Why Attend? 

We need input from homeowners, residents, and people who are familiar with the area in evaluating and addressing flooding, erosion, and other problems affecting the Peninsula! We're focusing on four areas identified by the stakeholder network: 1) Deal Island and Wenona Harbors; 2) Deal Island beach/ Hunts Hill and surrounding area around Middle/Hunts Creek; 3) Dames Quarter and Deal Island Rd. + surrounding marsh area; and 4) Oriole and marsh area on Manokin River. This meeting will be used to organize a series of workshops for each focus area, scheduled for December 2016-July 2017. We will also roll out a new flood map tool that will enable you to assess current and future flooding and storm risks to your property, neighborhood, and other areas of the Peninsula. 

When: November 1, 2016,  6:30-8:00pm

Where: Rock Creek Church Community Hall

Community Conversation: Next Steps for the Coastal Resiliency Assessment

Summary of Community Conversation:

DIPP stakeholders and interested community members met  at Rock Creek United Methodist Church to learn about the flood vulnerability maps and to discuss plans for carrying out the ICRA activities. Jo Johnson, Sasha Land, Liz Van Dolah, and Michael Paolisso gave an overview of the ICRA goals, and updates on activities completed to date. This included collecting baseline information about social and cultural importance of each focus area, and concerns about flooding, erosion, and other changes shared by community members who were interviewed this summer. Baseline information will be used to start the December 2016 focus area discussions. They also proposed a timeline for the ICRA, and collected feedback from attendees on how to move the ICRA forward. 

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