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Activities & Events

Project activities will be carried out through a series of workshops in 2018 and early 2019 during which participants will collaboratively discuss environmental issues affecting local communities, learn about these issues from a range of perspectives, collaboratively assess local risks, and develop adaptation projects to address key areas of concern. In addition, participants will also be asked to fill out two surveys as part of these activities to help project leaders better understand collaborations between faith-based communities and government. 

Project Timeline

One-on-One Interviews in Select Project Participants: Spring 2018

Define scope of project activities, and understanding

various perspectives and needs


Project Workshop 1: June 23, 2018

Meet project participants, learn about the issues, & prioritize focus areas


August - November 2018: Collaborative Assessments of

County-specific Focus Areas

Participate in collaborative learning and assessments of adaptation needs, limitations, and opportunities


Workshop 3: Early 2019

Project wrap-up and sharing what we've learned ​

Click here for more information on upcoming events as they're scheduled.

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