Mapping Resources:

Explore a series of maps on various flooding and regulatory factors affecting United Methodist Churches across the Eastern Shore. These maps may be helpful in thinking through various adaptation options for addressing flooding and other environmental changes. Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Story Maps developed by Ruolin Eudora Miao, Intern from the UCS.

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources has an online mapping and planning tool that allows state and local decision-makers to visually analyze and explore data for coastal and ocean planning activities.

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Access a list of potential adaptation funding opportunities available through a range of environmental, faith-based, and heritage organizations and agencies. 

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Flood Readiness & Reduction Resources:

Do you have phragmites overtaking sections of your property or your ditches? Visit this page for guidance on how to best manage them. 

Somerset County developed the following guidance document for the Deal Island Peninsula Project on best ways to maintain tidal ditches on your property. Please check with your County government staff for additional guidance on addressing tidal ditch overflow issues in your location.  

This site shows both coastal tide gauges and river (stream gauges) across the Delmarva and the State to show where there is major, moderate, minor, near flood and no flood conditions.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed a guide for homeowners who want to protect their home (or other structures of interest) from flooding impacts. For a hardcopy of this guide, please contact us: 

Access real-time water level data from the three tide gauges listed below to help you make decisions about responding to flooding. 

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Disaster Preparedness Resources

As places that memorialize our ancestors and loved ones, cemeteries are significant to many communities and their heritage. Protecting cemeteries from future climate change impacts is a growing concern the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where many are increasingly prone to flooding, storm surge, erosion, and other environmental impacts. The Chicora Foundation has developed this Cemetery Disaster Planning guide to assist communities in preparing cemeteries for these types of impacts.  See the adaptation funding opportunities link above for other possible resources to help protect your community's cemeteries. 

Register your cell phone with your County Department of Emergency Services to receive emergency notifications:

Are you prepared to weather the next big storm? Find out what you should have in your emergency preparedness kit here. 

When hurricanes threaten the Eastern Shore, knowing which zones are under evacuation mandates can help you make decisions about when and where to evacuate. Visit this link to find out which zone you're located in as part of your storm readiness. 

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