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Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment

Throughout the collaborative field assessments, DIPP stakeholders helped document their primary concerns through photos. Photos were used during the CFAs to document concerns, but participants on-the-ground also used photos to helped to track changes and issues that arose in between CFAs and after these were completed. In addition, photo documentation importantly enabled those who could not participate in CFA activities to contribute to the conversation. Photos were compiled into collections online that were used to "build the case" for targeting particular issues. These collections primarily focused on issues related to roadway and ditch flooding, and shoreline erosion. Photos were also used to characterize the socio-cultural context of the focus areas in establishing baseline information about these locations. Explore our photo collections through the following links. ​​

ICRA Prioritized Issues 

Photo Documentation

Roadway flooding documented on on Crab Island Rd. in  Oriole Focus Area

Shoreline erosion in the Deal Island Shoreline Focus Area. This beach later became the focus of a living shoreline project being funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  

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