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Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment

Collaborative Field Assessments (CFAs) were carried out as part of Phase 2 of the Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment. They were used to collaboratively assess the social, cultural, and environmental significance of the identified focus areas, key environmental and social risks and concerns, and to develop proposed strategies. Information was collected through a series of semi-structured interviews with local residents with in-depth knowledge of the focus areas, a risk assessment survey to collect demographic data as well as data on structures, ditches, and shorelines integrity, group field trips to focus areas to identify key areas of concern, and workshops. The results have been summarized in the following focus area factsheets and risk assessment survey presentation. 

Collaborative Field Assessments
Risk Assessment Survey 


View survey instrument:

This survey was developed to guide the group field trips data collection activities during Jan-Feb. 2017. It was also distributed and collected from residents within the focus areas during spring 2017.

View survey results (June 3, 2017):

These results were presented at the June 3rd DIPP Gathering to guide discussions about priority strategies and activities for action teams to pursue. 

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