Integrated Coastal Resiliency Assessment

The following criteria were developed by the ICRA Coordinating Team and used by stakeholders who attended the January 30, 2017 workshop for selecting the focus areas for the assessment process. Focus areas were identified and prioritized at this workshop, and participants at the February 3rd Community Conversations meeting gave additional input before focus area boundaries were defined.  

Selection Criteria for Each Focus Area: 
  1. Impact to this area will have detrimental impacts to other parts of the Peninsula

  2. Critical facilities are located in this area. (List the facilities) 

  3. At least 2 commerical businesses impacted are located within the area

  4. At least 5 households are located within the area

  5. This area is culturally important to the community (describe)

  6. This area has enviornmental significance (describe)

  7. Is the size of the area large/small enough for us to actively engage the property owners? 

  8. We believe there are residents in this area who would be willing to participate in small group conversations, allow a walking assessment of their property for vulnerabilities, allow photos to be taken if needed; talk part in other activities to evaluate and discuss vulnerabilities.


Each focus area should:

  1. Meet 3 or more of the selection criteria

  2. Include 2 or more unique attributes that can be further assessed

  3. Not be larger than 20 households

  4. Be in some way representative of other areas on the Peninsula or it should be clear why this area is unique and assessed more closely. 

Maps of focus areas selected by workgroups at the January 30, 2017 workshop, using selection criteria. 

ICRA Focus Area Selection Criteria
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